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Holistic Health and Wellbeing Services in your Workplace

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Making your workplace the place to work


Co-Action Health

At Co-Action Health we have a team of allied health professionals available to visit your workplace to provide solutions to all your health and well-being needs. Whether it be physical health, mental health or a combination of the two, our services are proven to increase health and wellbeing and employee satisfaction, reducing time off work & associated costs and improving productivity. 

We run in-house clinics, seminars, workshops, health and wellbeing days and health testing days among our other services.

Our team includes professionals with backgrounds in Physiotherapy, Psychology, Sport and Exercise Science, Nutrition and Personal Training. Between us we have years of experience in the health and wellbeing sector with a vast range of knowledge in all areas of the field.

Our respective professions have large areas of overlap, where our knowledge and experience complement each other. By bringing our knowledge together we promote a holistic approach to improving health and excellent crossover between professions ensures the best results are gained by our clients.

We have a proven record of helping clients become physically and mentally healthier, as well as improving morale and well-being within the workplace, saving our clients tens of thousands in health and performance related costs. Our desire to build strong, trusting relationships with our clients by putting you at the centre of what we do, and our unique collaboration of professions ensures the best current evidence-based practice is used.

Our Allied Health Professionals


Our physiotherapists are experts in managing a range of physical health conditions in the workplace. 

- Help to prevent musculoskeletal illnesses

- Reduce physical health related absenteeism

- Decrease time taken to return to work following injury

- Help to maintain a healthy and functional workforce

-Improve productivity and health-related quality of life

Performance Psychologists

Our performance psychologists are experts in increasing mental performance and combating mental illness in the workplace.

- Combat anxiety and stress

- Improve sleep

- Improve motivation

- Improve attention

- Improve productivity and performance


Our nutritionists can provide advice about how to improve health and wellbeing through the things we eat and drink. 

Our nutrition is fundamental to optimal health and provides a major influence on both our physical and mental performance. 

- Improve concentration

- Improve energy

- Assist in a healthy, balanced diet.

- Provide tasty, healthy examples

Exercise Instructors / PTs

Our exercise instructors and PTs are vastly experienced in running classes and tailoring programmes to help people reach their fitness goals. Make the workplace fun and active.

- Improve fitness

-Increase energy

- Get stronger

Exercise Scientists

With extensive knowledge of public health, how the human body moves and how it adapts to exercise, our sport and exercise scientists are vital to applying the correct principles and engineering any programme aiming to improve physical health and performance.

What our Clients say

"Co-Action Health recently carried out full ‘Health MOTs’ on all Lindhurst Engineering employees and we couldn’t recommend them enough. They provided an excellent service over the 3 days they were on site and the accompanying reports arrived promptly and were clear and helpful. We will definitely look to work with Co-Action Health again in the future" - Lindhurst Engineering

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